Well, we are a couple days away from the rudest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. The day where people wake up extra early or camp out to be among the first to get the best shopping deals of the year. People push and shove just to get a deal before anyone else. It's funny how the day before we're thankful for what we have but then the next day it's a no-holds-barred shopping cart race to the finish.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s U.K. Asda Supermarket Entices Shoppers With Black Friday Deals
Bloomberg via Getty Images

You've heard the stories of crazy fights in big box stores around the country. Some people say that the stores are to blame. They post an advertisement of some great unheard of deal where you'll pay half as much as what you'd usually pay for some item like a great deal on a flat panel TV. Little did you know that they Only ordered 6 of those extremely cheap TVs.  Now you're fighting with someone to make sure you get one of them.

Black Friday Fights ranked by State
TheBlackhawk715 via Youtube

People have been known to even trample someone just to get to it before someone else does. I do enjoy shopping but I will never shop on Black Friday again after seeing some first-hand rudeness and complete lack of manners. If you do shop on Black Friday like most people do just make sure to be courteous to others and don't forget your manners.

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