The annual Easter keg hunt is set for this Good Friday. If you have never gone a huntin' with us before, here's how the game is played.

  • The hunt officially kicks off at 5am when the Wake Up Crew hits the air, and lasts until all of the 4 pony kegs have  been found. (The picture above shows you what  they look like.)
  • The kegs will be hidden all over the Stateline area. Wherever you can hear our signal is game!
  • To get things started call 815-229-0985, 815-235-0985, or *985 on your Verizon wireless phone and play "hot & cold" with us to determine the keg locations.
  • Attached to each keg will be prizes, and one will be the "golden keg" that everyone will be after.
  • Once you find a keg, call the number attached to it and tell us what you won, and where you found it!

It doesn't get much easier than that! Gas up your car, and get ready to have some fun this Friday with Q98.5!

One last thing...I came across this list of tips to make you the King (or Queen) of any Easter egg hunt from a super adorable authority on the subject. Check it out, and Happy Hunting!