The Cubs are everything right now. They have the one of the best records in baseball and are on top of the world.

If they could only win a World Series, all would be right in the world.

Alright, that might be a bit strong but it would be pretty nice to see it happen at least once in my lifetime.

Since we need to wait until at least October for that to happen, the Cubs will need to continue to trudge through another season to reach that ultimate goal. However, there might be another reason to head to Wrigley Field this summer (besides Rizzo, Bryant, etc.)

According to MSN's, "What You Should Eat at Every Major League Ballpark This Summer" post on their website, you should try a Sloppy Jane.

Sounds gross? Depends on who you ask. This is what MSN says about the oddly titled sandwich "Fear not, vegans. The Cubs have a messy option just for you: a tempeh-based version of the Sloppy Joe. The sandwich starts with a vegan bun and is finished off with pepper, onions, and a brown sugar mixture. It’s sure to leave you satisfied and covered in sauce as you cheer in one of America’s most beloved fields."

I'm not a vegetarian but I can go in on any type of food that looks as good as the Sloppy Jane.

MSN says the food you have to eat at a White Sox game is Maple Bacon on a Stick.

Have you tried either the Sloppy Jane or Maple Bacon on a Stick? What is the best tasting "baseball food?"