There's always a debate on what the best candy is and rightfully so, but don't confuse best with most popular. put together a list of the three most popular candies by state based off of 12 years of sales data. With over 100,000 pounds sold Snickers came in third, with over 135,000 pounds sold Sour Patch Kids came in second, and the number one candy in Illinois with 172,663 pounds sold is.... Kit Kats!

Now don't get me wrong, I love Kit Kats, but not my favorite. Again though, this isn't a list of best, it's by number of pounds sold. When you realize that it does make sense. Just about every candy dish at an office has Kit Kats in it, a lot of houses will be passing them out for Halloween, and they are in enough variety bags to help inflate those numbers a little.

Congrats Kit Kat for being the most popular, but what's your favorite? Leave me a comment below.

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