I have lived all over the United States, some cities great some cities not so much. But when I got offered a job here in Rockford I made sure to do my homework.

First, I tried YouTube with the keyword Rockford, and to my dismay, there were so many videos that tried to deter me from moving here. All you hear about is the crime and how bad it is in Rockford. I also read a couple of articles that came to the same conclusion, and it kind of made me think twice about moving here.

When I arrived here to look for housing and to check things out I was pleasantly surprised. There is a beautifully restored downtown area right on the river full of trendy shops and tasty treats. The Rockford area is filled with great things to do and explore outside or indoors. Like the Coronado Theatre, Great family parks, an antique car museum, Anderson Gardens, The Nicholas Conservatory, Burpee Museum and so much more.

The locals here are mostly a kind people, always willing to help. The first day we moved into our new home the neighbors came in droves introducing themselves and even asking if I needed any help moving anything. I definitely didn't experience that in the south.

When it comes to crime. I checked out the Rockford Police departments article in The Voice and in the last year robberies were down 21 percent, assault was down 15 percent and gun-related crimes were down 24 percent. At the end of the day if you're looking for trouble I'm sure you can find it, but that doesn't define the city.

The internet did its best, but the truth always comes out. I feel that Rockford is a great place to live and raise my family, and I look forward to becoming a true Rockfordian.

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