It's so sad how we go from being thankful for what we have one day and then the next we're in a frenzy to get something we don't have, and some are willing to get into a fight just to attain it. So obviously, Thanksgiving is over and the crazy shopping season has begun. Some stores advertise amazing never seen before deals but they only stock just a few of that item to get people in the door. Then the riot begins, people push and people shove and really brings the worst out of people.

Nowadays there's always someone there with a cell phone camera to catch the crazed shoppers in the act and this year there was definitely no shortage of Black Friday brawling. Just a quick search on YouTube with today's date and you will see a whole lot of them. This is the one day of the year that I will not shop on. It's really just too much. If I have to pay an extra 10 to 20 dollars for something it's worth it if I don't have to get into a fight just to get it. If you do go shopping for some great deals today just do your best to be courteous and try to mind your manners. After all, it's just stuff anyway.


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