When it comes to food, you know you're going to find the goods somewhere in Illinois.

Just yesterday I was telling you how I thought it was an atrocity Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives has only profiled one restaurant in Illinois in the past three years.

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And while this restaurant was never featured on Triple D, I mean c'mon it's not really a diner, or a drive-in or a dive, it has been on Top 5 Restaurants in 2015 and the Best Thing I Ever Ate just last year according to TV Food Maps.

Considering it was on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, it makes total sense that not only are major cable TV shows talking about how delicious the food at Au Cheval is, but the entire state of Illinois is also.

According to FourSquare, Au Cheval at 800 West Randolph Street in Chicago is the most talked about burger in the state.

Foursquare user/reviewer Erik Rowley says "this place is the real deal, Quite possible the best burger I've ever sunk my teeth into."

Cole Kennedy on FourSquare says "When I think about this place, I make obscene noise. The burger is THAT good."

However, Martial Bernard chimed in on FourSquare saying the "Waiting time is crazy, Service is a bit chaotic, The burger is spectacular...the bacon though, for my taste, unnecessary, a bit sugary."

The wait times, the "chaotic" service are about the only two things I could find anyone could complain of when sifting through reviews on FourSquare.

Have you made the trek to Chicago to try Au Cheval. Is it really the burger we should all be talking about in Illinois?

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