Vacations on the beach are so relaxing. If you're planning a trip or a quick getaway look no further than right here in our state of Illinois.

Chicago has been named the "Best Beach City."

According to the recent study, reported in DNA Info,  from the Digital Third Coast for Chicago Cruiselines, the shores of Lake Michiagn in chicago were ranked the best in the U.S. and at number 6 in the word.

I know what you're thinking wait what?! How can this be?

How did Chicago out rank the California Coast or Florida?

The reason for this is that the studies "rankings don't necessarily rank the world's best beaches, but more like the best cities with a beach."

Get it. It's because Chicago, the city connected to the beach, is what makes it so great.

The studies author, Andy Kerns, says the ranking was based on the usage of "the formula that largely combines three other rankings: one gauging quality of life, another tallying tourists and another looking at cost of living. Considering that and other factors, [that] Chicago is one of the world's best cities on the water."

OK that all makes sense. So now, when you want a great beach getaway, just think you can enjoy it just 90 minutes from Rockford. You can get away with out going away far from home. Nice!

To see the 25 Best Cities on the Water, which Chicago landed in 6th place behind Auckland, New Zealand; Barcelona, Vancouver, Copenhagen and Singapore, click here.





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