To celebrate National Caffeine Awareness Month, why not grab a a cup of coffee from one of these favorite Rockford establishments.

Have I ever told you about my best friend Michelle? She's nuts. She measures out her caffeine intake every single day. She should be the ambassadress of National Caffeine Awareness Month!

Since she gave up Starbucks for Lent, I figured I would let her know the 7 best places to get a cup of coffee in Rockford according to Yelp. This way, when she needs her fix, she isn't technically cheating?


  • 1

    Rockford Roasting Co.

    206 N Main St Rockford, IL 61101

    Every time I go (typically twice a week), I get the best coffee on Rockford served by friendly people. Highly recommend for the coffee snobs among us. Get the Batista to recommend a pour over. ~Andrew W. via Yelp

    Dan M. via Yelp
  • 2

    Katie's Cup

    502 7th St Rockford, IL 61104

    This is the ideal coffee shop in Rockford.  They have a large coffee and tea menu but not overwhelming. They also have a good selection of food items including soups, salads, and sandwiches. ~Neel K. via Yelp

    Hazel P. via Yelp
  • 3

    Wired Cafe

    414 E State St Rockford, IL 61104

    I would recommend this place for anyone in or passing through Rockford. It's the best coffee shop in town. Plus it's always nice to try something off the beaten path and stick it to the man. I would come back again. ~Jordan O. via Yelp

    Jordan O. via Yelp
  • 4

    Meg's Daily Grind

    1141 N. Alpine Rd Rockford, IL 61114

    Excellent coffee and service everytime, and now I find out their sandwiches are great too! ~Matt L. via Yelp

    Taylor H. via Yelp
  • 5

    Octane InterLounge

    124 N Main St Rockford, IL 61101

    The coffee drinker in me wants to spend more time enjoying their coffee drinks.  I wish I lived in downtown; I would spend my mornings there. ~Michael S. via Yelp

    James R. via Yelp
  • 6

    Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records

    6685 E State St Rockford, IL 61108

    Many of my friends will know I'm a coffee snob and a foodie. Our family travels an insane amount so we get to experience different local places all the time... if you're looking for great sandwiches, yummy soups, amazing pies and phenomenal coffee then your search is over. Go here, support local, eat pie and be happy, life will be good, I promise. ~Stephanie P. via Yelp

    Kate S. via Yelp
  • 7

    HearthRock Cafe

    1100 11th St Rockford, IL 61104

    This is a great place to enjoy lunch with a friend and chat. Not a huge menu but very tasty. The sandwiches are freshly made and coffee is delicious. ~Kathy L.

    HearthRock Cafe via Yelp