If you think you have it bad where you live, just remember, there are worse places to call home in Illinois.

Matter of fact, two different websites took turns taking their swipes at Illinois and neither could agree on which city is the worst place to live.

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The good thing is, my hometown (Chicago) didn't make the top 10. Phew. Neither did the town where I spend most of my time (Rockford). Double phew. Rockford didn't even make the top 25.

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There were some towns that were called out by RoadSnacks and Money Inc. that have been highlighted as rough places to live for some time now.

However, the reason the worst city on Money Inc.'s list isn't due to the crime rate. They say this city "ranks in the top position" because of "its economic issues." Money Inc. also goes on to mention "a staggering 45.6 percent of residents are living in poverty."

Interestingly, Centerville, the city on Money Inc.'s list of the Worst Cities in Illinois didn't even make the official list.

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Google Maps

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