Taylor Swift's 'The Last Time' video gives fans an experience that's as close to a concert as you can get. It features footage from one of her rare performances with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol.

The clip begins with dozens of spotlights flashing in a dark arena, and soon you see Swift's duet partner, sitting on a stool. He's on a beneath-the-stage lift that eventually rises up, and as he sings the first few lines of 'The Last Time,' the songstress walks out, sporting her usual Red Tour striped T-shirt and red shorts.

The two singers sit back to back on stools, each singing their separate parts. The physical separation adds to the tension of the song, and it isn't until the end that they come together onstage and stand next to each other.

Still, the pair never touch during the performance, keeping a close distance while they walk down the catwalk and belt out the heartfelt lyrics to screaming fans. At the end, once the song is finished, Swift and Lightbody hug and the spellbinding tale they tell through 'The Last Time' is broken.

The stars' rendition of the song isn't as showy as their appearance on the 'The X Factor UK,' but the emotion is captured just as deeply.