It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a charitable celebrity who loves to surprise her fans. This week she once again let her generosity and caring shine by visiting some of her biggest fans at a children’s hospital.

According to the Facebook group ‘Stay Fearless Khloe,’ five-year-old Khloe, a huge Swiftie, is courageously battling cancer. Her family is tracking her brave journey on social media, tagging each post with the hash tags ‘StayFearlessKhloe’ and ‘FaithFamilyandTaylorSwift,’ as encouragement to the little girl and to show how much Taylor’s music means to Khloe during this time.

Taylor decided to pay a visit after learning about Khloe’s battle and her status as major fan. Khloe looks overjoyed in the photos of the ‘Red’ singer visiting the Los Angeles hospital, her smile big and bright in an especially heartwarming picture of the two of them holding a sign that reads, “Today I broke up with my tumor and we are never, ever getting back together!”

This isn’t the first visit Taylor has made to a children’s hospital — or even the second, third, or fourth — but you won’t hear her bragging about it to PR any time soon. The look on Khloe’s face seems like all the encouragement she needs to keep up the acts of kindness.

Take a look below to see more of the sweet photos from that day.