Weight Loss

Lemon Water Benefits
Whenever I get tired of just drinking plain water, I've made lemon water just to flavor it up some.
Besides flavoring up our water, did you know that lemon water has many other benefits to offer us? It really does!
6 Tips to Stop Cravings
Cravings they happen.
Especially, if you're like me, it happens when I'm bored, frustrated, sad, or even sometimes mad.
Heck it happened to me last night. Even though I went for a walk and worked out, had dinner, I still craved potato chips. I was bored. It was raining and I couldn't find anything goo…
Stop those Cravings with a Good Mood
Here it is the middle of May, the weather's warming up  and you know what that means, SHORTS and SWIMSUIT SEASON!
Are you cringing at the thought of dragging out you summer clothes and trying them on?Are you thinking "I need to lose a few pounds"?
Face it, temptation is all around us with ta…