What Are These Hatchimals Saying?
As you know, Hatchimals were the "IT" toy for Christmas 2016, and now that the holiday has come and gone complaints about this hot toy are pouring in to parent company, Spin Master.
Do You Remember These Toys From the 80's?
In the last couple of months I have become very thankful that I saved some of my favorite stuffed animals and toys from childhood, because now my daughter is loving them all over again. Some of her favorites are the less well known 80's toys, and it got me thinking...did anyone else love these …
Barbie is Getting a New Body
If you grew up playing Barbies then the familiar blonde hair, big boobs, tiny waist and long legs were just the standard for the doll.
Now Barbie is getting a new body, or I should say new bodies.
Ten of the Hottest Toys for Under $20
With Christmas right around the corner buying gifts is at the top of the list.
If you're on a budget but still want to get your kids some fun toys, take a look at this list for the 10 hottest toys under $20.

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