There's An App That Makes You Look Skinnier in Selfies
Ever looked at a friend's latest selfie and secretly thought, "how the heck does she make herself look so good? She doesn't look like that in real life." Well, the truth is that friend may be using the magical Skinniepix app to make themselves look 15 pounds thinner.
New Alarm Clock Forces You to Get Out of Bed To Shut It Off
Ever since I was a child I have been guilty of being an snooze abuser. These days it has gotten even worse. On a typical weekday morning I will hit snooze for almost an hour. Ridiculous, I know, but I just can't get out of bed. I wonder if this new alarm clock would force me to mend my ways, an…
Look Up From YOur Phone [Video]
Technology is all around us. We use it constantly. The questions to ask is "are we using and relying on it too much? Are we missing out on day to day things?"
Watch this video and see if it doesn't get you to look up from your phone.

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