You Can NOT Recycle THESE in Rockford
The recycling bin in our kitchen is full of things everyday things that, apparently, can not be recycled. You might want to check out this list and if the same thing is happening to you.
Upcycle your Tree
It's that time.. Time to take down your Christmas tree. I know I hate doing it to. Your room looks naked without it now.
Here are eight green ways you can put that dried out tree to good used by upcycling it.
Electronics Drives
The First National Bank and Trust along with Goodwill have set up a series of free electronics drive to recycle you're old and unwanted electronics.
Cell Phones for Soldiers
If you have recently upgraded your cell phone and now are wondering what to do with your old phone, why not donate it for our soldiers serving overseas?
Spring Clothing Drive
Now that the weather is warming up it's time to switch out your closet from winter to summer.
If you find you have piles of winter or summer clothes you're no longer wearing or your kids have outgrown bring them to the Spring Clothing Drive this weekend.
35 Things In Your Home You Need To Get Rid Of Right Now
If you're like me, winter has made you realize some very unpleasant things about your home. All I see is clutter, and I am starting to fear that I may be a bit of a hoarder. I guess it's time to kick start spring cleaning, and here's a good place to start.
Donate your Holey Clothes
Have you found yourself, like I have, overflowing with clothes that are ripped, have holes, or terribly faded?
They're no good to pass on to wear again. Yet there's too many to rip up for cleaning or garage rags.
Here's what you can do with them. Donate those holey clothes.