Snow Ice Cream
This couldn't be any easier to make and with all the snow that just fell, you can make a lot. And it's super delicious.
Anytime S'Mores
The favorite summertime treat while sitting around the camp fire are S'mores, but sometimes it's too hot for a fire or even too rainy.
Well you can make these S'mores anytime of the year!
Cauliflower Nuggets Taste Test [Video]
I came across a recipe on line that said this recipe for breaded and baked cauliflower tastes just like eating chicken nuggets.
I was interested in trying it to see if they did indeed taste like chicken nugget.
Easy Breakfast Burrito [Video]
In hurry and have no time for breakfast.
You can have a delicious breakfast in under three minute.
Here's how you can make a quick Breakfast Burrito in your microwave.
Beer and Peanut Muffins
Most people enjoying noshing on peanuts while sipping their beer. Now take those two pub must haves and put them in a muffin. Yes a muffin. Yep, there's a recipe for that!

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