Take the Two for One Challenge [Video]
As you know I was challenged not once but twice, By Q98.5's Jonny J. and my friend (Shari Turner), to take the A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge. I accomplished the task, but did it with a twist. I took a Two for One Challenge.
My challenge to all who watch this video is to consider taking the &qu…
Look Who I Met at the Races
Look who I met Saturday Night at the Rockford Speedway.
This is Kodee Busekros, he's the driver for the Q98.5 car.
This guy is only 15 and is driving in a race car that can go up to over 100 miles an hour on the track!
He started racing in Go-Karts at the age of 9, graduated up to racing in the mi…
New Artist Visits Q98.5
Hey guys!
We had the pleasure of meeting and being entertained by Nashville's newest artist, Robby Johnson. We made sure to catch a video so you can get to know  a little bit about him and hear him too!
Check out Robby singing "Big Time"...
Garth Brooks "The Dance" in French
Yesterday, we had a visitor to the Q98.5 studios.
New Nashville artist Robby Johnson. Formerly from Quebec, Canada now a Nashville native.
Yes ladies not only does he speak fluent French but he can sing it too.
Check this out. Robby Johnson singing Garth Brooks "The Dance" in french..…
Another Sneak Peek into Susan's Retro Prom Outfit
Ok here is! The next piece of my outfit for the Totally Retro Prom coming up Friday May 30th at Giovanni's.
I found Fish Net Hose for cheap at Charming Charlie's and these rocking heels at Payless (just $12) in the CherryVale Mall.
I'm so excited about this prom it's going to be a …
The Easter Bunny Listens to Q98.5
Last Thursday I shared one the most unique and memorable items I got as a kid in my Easter Basket was Big League Chew bubble gum. Well I have proof that the Easter Bunny does exist and he listens to Q98.5!
Pothole Season is Here
I love the warmer temperatures in Winter, but hate the side effect: THOSE DREADED POTHOLES!!
Yep, when you go from Cold temperatures (like the -20 degree weather we has last week) to 41 degrees today, the result is POTHOLES!  I almost got swallowed up by one today while traveling Southbound on Roxbur…