Perfect Pinterest Pick of the Week

Perfect Pinterest Pick of the Week; Summer Fun
It's officially summer and we've got many hours to log in the heat poolside, or simply out having fun! Here's some cool (literally and figuratively) ideas guaranteed to send your summer fun up a few notches this year.
Perfect Pinterest Pick of the Week; Father's Day
It's a pretty safe bet that buying Dad a new Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup champion t-shirt or hat this Father's Day will be a huge hit, but if you're looking for a sentimental DIY gift idea to pair up with it, check these out.
Pinterest Pick of the Week
I can't speak for all mothers, but I think they'll agree that the best Mother's Day gifts are ones that come from the heart, and highlight the loves of our lives; our children. These gift ideas will accomplish both those things perfectly, plus they're super easy to do.
Pinterest Pick of the Week
I guess I have day drinking on the brain due to all this beautiful sunshine we have, so today's Pinterest pick of the week is very specific, youthful, and sweet. I also forgot to mention delicious!
Perfect Pinterest Pick of the Week; Grilling Recipes
Don't laugh at me, but I grilled dinner for the first time ever last weekend. Pathetic, I know, but grilling is usually my husband's job. Sure, I have helped flip a burger or two in the past, but I have never been solely responsible for the job from beginning to end. So, now that I am a proven grill…
Perfect Pinterest Pick of the Week; Spring Projects
Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, I find I have more spring in my step these days. (Pun intended) I have all kinds of fun projects floating around in my head that I want to make, so I thought I would share a few of my finds with you.
Pinterest Pick of the Week
Are you hosting your family's Easter celebration this year? Were you given the responsibility of bringing dessert for the family feast? Check out these yummy dessert ideas that every bunny will love!

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