Dixon IL In the Movies
She stole $53 million dollars from the town of Dixon and nobody noticed, and now a feature length movie is being made about Dixon's biggest thief of all time.
This will Creep you out
You are watching a late night horror movie and suddenly the screen turns dark and the ax wielding zombie sneaks up behind our hero and does his best to take our star out of the movie for good.
Watch the Trailer to Grumpy Cat [Video]
I love "Grumpy Cat". Those grumpy little sayings make me laugh. However, I'm not so sure about the upcoming made for TV Grumpy Cat Christmas movie.
I'm just wondering if it be able to uphold the cat's funny sarcasm?
Watch the trailer and see what you think?
The Movie that Still Creeps Me Out
It's Halloween, time for movie theaters and the cable channels to crank out their creepiest Halloween movies.
However, the movie that still creeps me out to this day is not what you think.

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