Meal-Prep Your Way Into 2021
The New Year always comes packed with resolutions and goals about cutting back on eating out, fitness, eating healthier, etc. All of it can seem very overwhelming, but I'm here with a list of seven products that will make meal-planning and eating at home more often a breeze!

Free Meal for First Responders
9/11 is a day that none of us will forget. It's also a day that brightly shines on our brave first responders. A Machesney Park restaurant is honoring our local heroes by offering them a free meal today.
Easy Lemon Garlic Chicken
Weekends for me are a time to experiment and try new recipes. My favorite for these winter days are any that can be made in the crock pot.
This Lemon Garlic Chicken meal is special in fact that you can eat it alone over rice or noodles.
Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers
Thanksgiving Meals are awesome. There's so much yummy food to enjoy at one setting.
However, the downside is all those leftovers.
Here's some easy recipes to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers.
Turn Leftovers into This
Earlier this week I posted a recipe (Monday, 8/18) for Grilled Zucchini. I actually had some leftover. Last night, I turned those leftovers into this tasty meal.
A Tasty Meal in Minutes
Look what I made last night. Mmm, mmm! Good stuff!
Cilantro Chicken with Pesto over Pasta and a side of Parmasean Zucchini.
You too can make this tasty meal in minutes!

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