DIY Mosquito Trap: Does It Work?
Mosquitoes. They've been so bad lately. It doesn't seem to matter that the weather has started to cool either. Want to get rid of them? Here's how to make a mosquito trap. I wanted to know "Does this work?"
Sunburn Treatment [Video]
Ouch! Sunburn it's the worst and it's inevitable we will get burned at some point this summer like I did.
I heard shaving cream can help. I'll show you how to treat your sunburn with shaving cream and find out does this method work?
DIY Pore Strips
Did you ever think you could clean your pores with gelatin and milk? Well I wanted to see "does this work?" as I show you how to make this homemade recipe for pore strips.
DIY: Remove Deodorant Marks [Video]
Don't you hate it when you're already to go and then notice that you got deodorant marks on your clothes? Ugh! In this episode I show you two ways in "how to" remove the deodorant from your clothes finding out the answer to "Does This Work?"

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