Take the Quiz Where Should You Live
I had to laugh at this quiz I took. Yes it's another quiz I just couldn't resist.
Are You a City Slicker or Country Bumpkin?
I'm 53% Country and 47% City. Apparently, I'm a fence sitter between country and city life. It places me in the Suburbs...
Take the Quiz on How Country are You
I had to laugh at my dinner selection last night. I had a bowl of grits (with butter and sugar. Yum!) and a bowl of fried apples that my Mom dropped off.
I wondered 'Does this meal make me country?' To find out I took the quiz to see just "how country are you?"
Top 10 Country Karaoke Songs
Yesterday, I mentioned that Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places" was a good Karaoke song. That actually is the number 1 song picked for Karaoke.  Want to know what the Top 10 Country Karaoke songs are?