Listen For The Lunch Special
How would you like to get yourself some yummy lunch on Oscar's Pub and Grill and Jax Pub dime? You can with the "Q98.5 Lunch Special" every day with me, Susan Tyler.
Rockfords Top Country Act is
We asked you, our loyal listeners, to tell us who is "Rockford's Top Country Act". The votes have been tabulated, the results are in AND...The winner is....
Tree Decorated Under $20
Yesterday I had the fun pleasure of decorating a Christmas tree for the First Annual Christmas Tree Showdown with Goodwill of Northern Illinois. Here's how I spent under twenty dollars to beautifully decorate my tree.
Design Rockford's Flag
Have you noticed that Rockford's City flag is just kind of meh? Think we need something better?If so, you could be the next to design a new flag for the Forest City.

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