Not so happy returns for this Sycamore Grandmother.NBC5 reports that Linda Hallstrom is not a fan of Carson's return policy. As a Carson's customer, Linda made sure she kept all her receipts from the baby outfits she had purchased, and never used. The items even had the original tags on them.

These were gifts for her daughter who was expecting what she though would be a boy, based on her intuition. Well, guess what, the ultrasound was said her daughter was expecting a girl. So it's off to the return counter.

Then the unthinkable happened, her returns were denied.

Hallstrom told  NBC5:

Out of the register came a slip that said, 'returns denied,’ I said to the cashier, ‘what is this? I have never seen a slip like that before,’ and she said, “Oh, we're getting a lot of them lately’

Check out her full story.

Things worked out for Hallstrom in the long run, but should anyone have to go through this hassle?


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