Drivers have so many distractions these days. From cell phone use to GPS, there's always something taking away a drivers attention while they're on the road. According to, yesterday at around 11:25 am in Normal Illinois, a driver in an SUV accidentally drove their vehicle right through Moe's Southwest Grill. A total of four people were injured in the incident. The first three were taken to the hospital but the 4th person denied care.

One patron named Cindy Hall had just pulled in to the restaurant right after it happened. She said that when she originally headed that way she forgot her wallet, so she had to go back and get it. She said if that wouldn't have happened she would have probably been getting her drinks when the SUV plowed through the restaurant. Hall said one of the victims was her dad's best friend, who was supposed to meet her dad there.

A member of the fire department said that one patron was pushed into a pile of tables that had to be removed. Luckily, no one lost their life in this terrifying accident but just remember to put your phone down while driving and try to stay alert at all times.

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