Yes you read that right. I, Susan Tyler, was taken on a blind date to "Disney on Ice."

The guy, who will remain nameless, met me through a mutual acquaintance. He called me up and asked if I'd go out with him. I agreed.

He told me he had tickets to the show at the Metro that night (now BMO) I didn't think to ask what it was when I agreed to go. Once we got there I found out it was "Disney on Ice". Now I'm not knocking "Disney on Ice". I like Disney and I like ice skating. However I wouldn't go as far to say I'd like to see it as a 20-something on a date.

It was very awkward, needless to say. As I sat with this guy I didn't know surrounded with Mom's, Dad's, kids, and grandparents. I tried to be polite and point out things I thought were neat during the show. As much as I tried to redeem this date it just wasn't working.

After the show he asked if I wanted something to eat. Again I was polite and said "Sure. How about Applebee's?" As we drove down East State he tried to pull into a Denny's, then Yen Ching and quickly said each time "Oh that's right we're going to Applebee's."

As odd as that was I tired to ignore this behavior as I was trying to be nice. When we finally approached Applebee's,  instead of turning into it's lot he pulled into Perkins next door and said "Is this OK?" After his several restaurant attempts before, I said "Fine". I wanted out of the car. As we waited to be seated, as there was a line, I excused myself to use the restroom. When I came out he said "Uh, do you mind if I take you home?"  After his strange antics getting to the restaurant and the show before, I can say I was ready to go. Overall this date was a total flop but memorable.

Tonight, I look forward to welcoming the families for Q98.5 Night at the BMO Harris Bank Center for "Disney On Ice: Celebrating 100 Years of Magic". Enjoy the show!