Sure sometimes you just want a regular old cheeseburger and fries at McDonald's, but, what if you need something fancier?

McDonald's has answered your prayers.


Ready for this?

The Signature Crafted Garlic White Cheddar Sandwich is packed with fancy goodness.

Check out this McDonald's description of the burger:

A medley of crunchy garlic chips and smooth, flavorful garlic aioli, crisp iceberg lettuce, a juicy tomato slice and melty white cheddar cheese. With a 100% fresh beef* 1/4 lb.** patty that’s cooked when you order, so it’s hotter† and juicier† every time. Served on an artisan roll.'

I mean, c'mon, that sounds like a four star restaurant menu description.

You can grab this sandwich right now at McDonald's. Go for it!

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