Sure sometimes you just want a regular old cheeseburger and fries at McDonald's, but, what if you need something fancier?

McDonald's has answered your prayers.


How does a Garlic White Cheddar burger sound?

Ready for this?

The Signature Crafted Garlic White Cheddar Sandwich is packed with fancy goodness.

Check out this McDonald's description of the burger:

A medley of crunchy garlic chips and smooth, flavorful garlic aioli, crisp iceberg lettuce, a juicy tomato slice and melty white cheddar cheese. With a 100% fresh beef* 1/4 lb.** patty that’s cooked when you order, so it’s hotter† and juicier† every time. Served on an artisan roll.'

I mean, c'mon, that sounds like a four star restaurant menu description.

You can grab this sandwich right now at McDonald's. Go for it!

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