In this day and age being at the same job for over 20 years is impressive, but in radio, it's rare and VERY impressive. A person doing this job for 20 years can have a lot of cool stories to tell, so let's see what Steve Summers has to say. Pull up a chair, and get ready for story time, kids.

Did I forgot to mention there is a catch? Steve has to answer all of my questions in 2 minutes or less. Think he can do it?

Yeah. I pretty much knew I was setting him up for failure there. To be fair, here are his answers to the other 5 questions we didn't get to...

  • If you weren't doing radio, what would you be doing? Construction
  • Most embarrassing moment in 20 years of radio? I once asked a kid about Santa on-air. He didn't believe.
  • Favorite thing about the Stateline area? The people. They care so much about St. Jude kids.
  • Biggest regret of the last 20 years? My Mom never got to see or hear me do mornings.
  • Your hope for the next 20 years? Good health and a job.

Thanks for an amazing 20 years of radio in the Stateline, Steve Summers. It's a pleasure waking up with you. (Not that way. Get your mind out of the gutter.) Think we can make it 20 more?