We had to change our clocks this past weekend and for some people that means trying to remember how to do it, for others it means they are now back to the right time since they still haven't reset their clocks since last year, and for those weirdos out there that changed it before the went to bed on Saturday quit making us all look bad! There is some good news though for those who still can't find the manual for that clock on the stove, Sen. Andy Manar is trying to pass Senate Bill 533 that calls for setting the clocks forward in the spring of 2020 and leaving them there permanently according to Pantagraph.

Surprisingly enough, this wasn't a decision based on farmers or Facebook posts arguing about it. It comes from a Carlinville High School student that linked Newsweek articles in a tweet that highlighted the health impacts of changing the clocks twice a year.

The bill will be presented and voted on sometime next week when lawmakers return for the fall veto session between November 12th and 14th.

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