Rockford's own Whitney Martin is not just a loveable news reporter, she's also an accident prone baker and a 90s dance move expert, here's how she did on Nailed It!

Season four of Nailed It dropped yesterday on Netflix, and you probably knew Eyewitness News in the Morning Anchor, Whitney Martin was part of this season... because I told you a few weeks ago and face it, we're all devoted to streaming services right now.

I'll give you a second to stop reading this if, in fact, you haven't watched the episode.

I'm going to tell you what happened...

So this is your warning...

Ok, she won.

I know! I'm so proud of her and was shocked that she managed to lose the first round but win the $10,000 prize!

That singing guy had no chance... but the other girl wasn't bad! We are all pretty excited for Whitney, especially while we're siting at home with plenty of TV time, but now we want to know what REALLY went on while she was taping the show.

Thankfully she has been hanging out with Elliot Grandia (six feet away of course) and he got us all the details.

Thanks, Elliot and congrats again, Whitney - do they ever do a champion's round?

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