Some of you may know that since this past fall I've been working out on a regular basis. I'm excited to see the changes in my body and most importantly how my clothes are fitting. Heck, I'm even wearing clothes that I haven't worn in several month because they were too tight. However, last week after coming down with a nasty virus I was unable to workout. 1. I didn't feel good. 2. I had no energy. Yesterday, was my day to meet with my trainer since being sick. I had a great workout. Today though, I'm dealing with sore muscles. Wow! what a difference a week off makes. I'm glad it wasn't more than that. I probably couldn't even move if that were the case. I got to thinking about types of home remedies I could to help with the soreness and I came across this article that offered many relief tips. It mentions things I had never heard of like taking cider vinegar, or drinking cherry juice. Looks like I'm headed to grocery store to pick up a few things after work. I thought I'd pass it along to you for future use when your muscles are sore.People on treadmills in gym