Father's day is coming up on Sunday. For Michael King, of Louisville, Kentucky, this one was going to extra special for his dad. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, Michael spent much of his childhood hearing about his father’s dream car, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. His dad always dreamed about owning that car, but unfortunately, Michael's dad grew up in a poor family of seven children and never thought he would ever be able to afford that expensive vehicle.

When King was 8, he promised his dad, Roger,  that he would buy him that '57 Bel air on his 57th birthday.

On the Reddit website, he wrote that he "worked 60-hour weeks to be able to afford the car, which he bought two years ago and kept hidden until he recently fulfilled the birthday promise"

Michael King’s sister recorded the dad’s reaction of tears and disbelief in a YouTube video. In the video, Roger is distracted trying to fix a bag toss board game in his son's driveway. Mike opens the garage door to reveal the car and when his dad notices it, Mike simply says, "Happy birthday." The two men hug and Roger sobs in his son's arms. They hug again when Mike hands Roger the keys in the garage. His dad checks out the car and leans over to kiss it.


Happy Birthday Roger and Happy Father's day!