Seeing that school is back in session I thought I'd give you fun math problem to solve.

Can you solve the above problem? Just add the clues.

What do you get when you add all those things together?

Did you figure it out?

Brews (Beer) + Barbeque + Bandanas + Q98.5 = Brews & B.B.Q. 

Get it? Hahaha... See I told you it was fun. I would never steer you wrong.

Now for the really fun part joining us this Saturday, September 5th at 3pm in Settler's Park in Rockton for our Brews and B.B.Q. Get your tickets now for just $25 dollars. (Kids under 10 years are free).

There's going to be domestic and craft brews to drink. Tasty barbecue like Bourbon Pulled Pork Sandwich, Pork Loin Lollipops, Barbeque Beef, barbecue Chicken, and more!... Plus there's going to be live music all afternoon and evening long. With Bret Michaels wrapping up our Labor Day Bash. That's why there's a bandana in the equation, because Bret always wears a bandana.

Don't miss out on the biggest Labor Party of the year! Get your tickets and all the information by clicking the button below!