Another year, more problems, this one has been around for a while but officially has its own word.

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There is a scammer lurking around every corner, maybe not physically but on a technical term, there's no arguing.

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Scamming by way of technology is not a new trend, it's been happening since the 1990s during the America Online era. In fact, the word phishing was first used in 1996, according to

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First, scammers started obtaining users' passwords, then credit card number generators became a thing, and it has snowballed from there.

Owners of tablets, laptops, personal computers, etc. need to be in the mind frame to be sure you are 100% about links before clicking. If you have a weird feeling about a link do not click it. Contact the "source" to confirm the authenticity before moving forward.

Scammers are in the palm of your hand and not in a good way.

We know for certain smartphones can easily lead users to be scammed digitally, but what about flip phones? Yes, they're still around. My mom just got a new one less than 2 years ago.


And, yes, even flip phones in 2022 come with the risk of clicking the wrong link and, boom, the phishing has become.

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"Smishing" is how scammers dupe users via text message. The technical term for scammers phishing for your personal information through text. a.k.a. Short Message Service/SMS, is smishing. (Forgive me if you've been using this term for a while because I have not, which is why it caught my eye.)

Drivers, beware.

If you legally hold a driver's license you are especially encouraged to never click a link sent directly to your phone from the DMV, it is a scam, there is no second-guessing it.

The whole DMV smishing trend has become such a problem that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles had to send out an advisory to drivers in the land of cheese.

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