I can't seem to get out of bed on time anymore in the morning. My inability to get up only gets worse with the realization that bitterly cold weather awaits me when I walk out the door. So, I hit the snooze one more time and ultimately end up cussing myself out 10 minutes later when I begin the mad rush to get ready. Do I truly blame my lateness on Mother Nature, or is my shower head really to blame?

Yes, I did say shower head, and here's why. I recently came across an article about six surprising life habits that may be making you late, and it lists never cleaning your shower head as one of the culprits. Makes sense. A gunked up, nasty shower head will not spray as much water, which means your quick rinse will take a lot longer.

Other habits possibly responsible for your tardiness include:

  • Never putting up curtains in your bedroom
  • Having a messy closet
  • Constantly forgetting where you put your keys
  • Not using the "auto" setting on your coffee maker
  • Having a sink full of dishes

Think about it. All those habits can, and probably do make you late, but they're pretty easy to fix. Being late stinks, so hopefully making these few adjustments will help. Personally, I have to start with my shower head, because none of the others really apply to my problem. I'm not saying my closet isn't messy, I'm just saying I lay my clothes out the night before. My closet is not to blame. (Thank goodness, cuz I don't want to clean it out today!)