If you love the Blackhawks you show show your pride in many ways.

From jerseys (aka Sweaters), t-shirts, face paint and hats to now your pizza!

That's right. Check this out a pizzeria in Chicago is now offering a Blackhawks pizza.

Punky's Pizza on Wallace Ave near 26th in Chicago starting offering the Blackhawks logo, Indian head pizza, complete with red, green and yellow peppers to define the feathers in the headress, this past Friday (may 8th).

The pizza costs $18.95 but according to customers, in this ABC7 News report, it's as tasty as it looks.

Man I so wish they delivered. Oh course it would be cold by the time it got here but that's what oven's are for. Haha!

Rockford needs to make one. Which pizza place do you think would not only taste good but be the best at recreating one of these?