We've all heard since we could remember that hard work pays off and being lazy will never get you ahead in life.

Well here are seven ways that beg to differ with that thought, in fact being lazy can make you successful.

What? I know total mind blown right now.

In an article by Inc from WREX, it states that being lazy can actually make you a successful person.

Ok, if you're a skeptic like me we need proof, right?

Well here's the proof:

1. You'll find more efficient ways to do things, because you don't want to spend a lot of time on doing fulfilling tasks.

2. You learn to delegate. You pass off certain tasks for others you know can do it, all the while saving time for yourself. Ok that sounds a bit selfish doesn't it?

3. You'll consider alternative options. If you find ways to get the job done quicker with the same results, you'll do it.

4. You won't waste time on things that look like a waste of time. If it looks like it takes to long or won't produce big results, you don't bother with them.

5. You'll learn how motivate and recruit others. Hey the more you can find to divvy up the work means less time for you to spend doing it.

6. In order for you to get involved in a job, it's gotta be good.You basically raise the bar for everyone around you to make the project worthwhile in order for you to pitch in.

7. Now when you do jump in on something you're going to be the most refreshed and well rested  because of steps 1 through 6.

Hmmm. I guess I see where they're going with this but, I kind of think the person is being selfish and passing buck.

But, maybe I'm the wrong person to ask, because I'm cut from the cloth that "you do your best no matter what" and at times "if it's worth doing right, you do it yourself."