Being the only guy in a household of ladies, I am 'required' to take an interest with trends and topics I normally wouldn't in order to connect. Yes, I watch 'Say Yes To The Dress' on television with the ladies in my family and read all of their magazines laying around the house. I admit, I have picked up a thing or two. If your getting married, I came across a list from Wedding Party Magazine that may help you.

Here are seven helpful tips when shopping for your wedding dress:

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1. Talk to the consultant about the fit and your body

What style is best for my body type? An experienced consultant can give you unbiased and objective advice about what kind of dress will make you look your best.

2. Ask about the bustle

Contrary to popular belief, bustles are not one size fits all. Bustles fill out the train, making it easier for the bride to walk and dance, and come in a variety of shapes and styles.

3. Discuss accessories

Don't leave the appointment without discussing and/or trying on veils and accessories. Find something that will complement and enhance your overall look.

4. Talk about current trends

It's important to discuss what trends are in style for the season, since fads tend to come and go.

5. Ask about your wedding venue and date

When you talk to your consultant, make sure you let them know how many guests there will be, where you'll be having your wedding, what time you'll be having your wedding and your general theme. All should play a role in the style of dress you choose.

6. Ask about delivery

The amount of time it takes between ordering and receiving your dress depends on each designer. Give your consultant a timeline so they can help plan accordingly.

7. Discuss fees and pricing

In this world nothing comes free, and the wedding industry is no exception. You will likely end up paying more than the price tag on the wedding dress for fittings and alterations, so ask about the salon's various fees.

Every little thought or concern needs to be discussed opening and shared with your dress consultant. It's true, there are no stupid questions. Don't forget the biggest question your Dad wants to know, like how much is that dress going to cost?

Happy shopping and by the way, congratulations. Make sure you enjoy yourself and soak in every minute..