Sesame Street the beloved children's educational program has just announced that they are adding a new character to the mix of all their lovable creatures.

WGN reports that the character of Julia will soon be joining the gang. What's special about is that she has autism.

It is the shows ever growing desire to "represent as many different experiences as possible with their diverse cast and Muppets." It's "broadening its reach once again by adding Julia, a Muppet girl on the autism spectrum, to the cast."

Julia is part of is part of the “Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children” campaign, which aims to raise awareness about issues that face children on the autism spectrum and increase representation of characters with autism.

Julia's first appearance will be in the new section on the Sesame Street's website that is designed especially for children with autism. However, she could eventually be making an appearance on the show as well.

This video is just a taste of what's in store with the addition of Julia. As the "Amazing Song" celebrates each child's uniqueness.

I think that is a really neat.

I grew up watching Sesame Street and it's awesome to how long the show has lasted and has stayed relevant as society changes. The cool thing is they've never strayed from their message. It's about the children and that all children are special.