This week in Illinois, It's possible to see shooting stars in the sky at night.

I'm fascinated by things like stars, planets, and space. I enjoy going to the Alder Planetarium in Chicago to learn more about it.

Unfortunately, whenever there's a big event in the sky where you can see cool stuff like meteors, shooting stars, and more, I usually miss it because I don't hear about it until it's too late. The next day I see everyone's pictures on social media.

This time, I'm going to catch it. My goal is to make sure you do too. So, here's the information.

According to,

The annual Perseid meteor shower is when 50 to 75 shooting stars an hour may be seen in the skies over Illinois Aug. 11-13. peak. The hours between midnight and sunrise are the best time to scan the sky for the summertime classic, which is known to produce fireballs."

Stay up a little bit later and check out the skies. Hopefully, you'll be able to see it.


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