Door County, Wisconsin is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but if you want to experience something new there this summer, go on an adventure to Chambers Island.

Where Is Chambers Island in Door County, Wisconsin?

I'm assuming you've never heard of Chambers Island in Door County before, but don't worry, a LOT of people miss out on it every year.

According to;

Chambers Island is located 7.5 miles offshore from Fish Creek. It was named for Talbot Chambers, a colonel who sailed these waters in 1816, on the way to establish a military post in Green Bay.

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Now that we've established WHERE Chambers Island is, let's talk more about the truly unique experiences that await you there.

What's So Special About Chambers Island?

First off, Chambers Island is SUPER off the grid, and finding a place to stay there is pretty much impossible Yes, there are homes on the island, BUT there is no commercial electricity there.

You won't find any stores or touristy attractions on the island, but you WILL find a wealth of outdoor adventures to go on! Chambers Island is full of trails and unpaved roads to hike on, beaches that are perfect for relaxation, and there's even a lake in the middle of the island!

Chambers Island is also home to a lighthouse that was built in 1868. Visitors often explore the area surrounding the historical lighthouse, but I must warn you, some people say it is haunted.

The only way you can get to Chambers Island is by boat, and charter services are available to book out of Fish Creek, but only at limited times throughout the summer. Get more info on travel options to Chambers Island, here.

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