What if you could print out a physical item of whatever you wanted... What would you print? A local company is 3D printing some pretty cool stuff that you probably didn't know about.

My friend Zack is an engineer at 3DP (3D Platform) and he basically has the coolest job ever. Zack thinks of unique things and finds a way to 3D print them. Anything from a phone stand the size of a credit card to his newest project a 3D Guitar. The 3D electric guitar is a honeycomb shape so the guitarist can insert LED lights into the body. No freaking way! Not sure how this would look? Well, here it is.



They are still working on finishing up the LED lit model but sounds like 3D printing will be greatly impacting our future. So excited to see what new things are ahead in the world of 3D printing. If you want to find out more about the process of the honeycomb electric guitar click here.


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