It's your chance to have your voice heard. The City of Rockford wants to know how people feel about the downtown Rockford experience. They are asking you to take an online survey. The survey will be used to improve the city of Rockford. Among the survey questions:

  • In an average month, how often do you visit various commercial areas?
  • What restaurants would you like to be added that would affect the amount time and money you spend in Downtown Rockford?
  • What types of stores should be added that affect the amount of money that you spend in Downtown Rockford?
  • What non-Downtown Rockford store or restaurant have you visited that you think would be a good addition to Downtown Rockford?
  • How would you describe the quality of these Downtown Rockford resources like bicycle routes, community friendliness, dining, employment, general safety, housing, parking, shopping, sports facilities and more

It takes about 10 minutes and your answers will be remain anonymous. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE