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Rockford's 4th of July committee announced all activities surrounding our city's Independence Day celebration will be canceled in 2020 except the fireworks display itself. Leading up to the fireworks show are events and opportunities to raise funds to pay for the fireworks. Things like the 4th of July parade and carnival, the Patriotic pancake breakfast, Davis Park entertainment, and food vendors all generate money to pay for everything involved with the big celebration. Donations from you and I is also used towards the $85,000. This year's budget has been cut to $35,000, $25k of which has already been allocated. The goal sits at $10,000. and even in dire economic times, I think we can pull it off.

As far as the differences between last year's fireworks show and this year's? The fireworks show will be 10 minutes shorter, 20 instead of 30. Shells will be shot at 700-800 feet with no ground effects as used in prior years, according to Rockford 4th of July Celebration on Facebook.

And, if you're wondering about who volunteers to make the magic happen,

We are local residents like yourself. We are not employed by the city. We volunteer all our time to make this event happen year after year. We are a 501(c)4 NFP that was started in 1963 by Joe Marino. In 2017, he passed the torch onto his grandson and great nephew who now serve as chairmen of this committee. We are just people, like you, living through a pandemic. 2020 may be a dumpster fire of a year to start, but it's up to all of us as a community, as Americans, as humans, to look at this pandemic, learn from it and grow to be better.
If you want to help save our fireworks, Eyewitness News (WTVO) is hosting a telethon today only. You can (815) 964-4637 to make a donation.

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