You may want to think twice before lighting fireworks this 4th of July, because there's a new ordinance in Rockford that allows police to issue tickets even if they don't witness the incident firsthand.

It's no secret that fireworks are illegal in Illinois, but up until now officers responding to a fireworks complaint had to actually see someone lighting one to issue a ticket. That is no longer the case however thanks to an ordinance change in Rockford.

8th Ward Alderman Karen Hoffman recently told;

They [officers] will try to identify the person first and ticket that person. If everyone says ‘I don’t know’, then they will hold the homeowner or renter accountable.”

So how accountable will residents be held? According to WTVO;

Each firework set off could come with its own fine. The cost of the fine ranges from $50 all the way to $750, which depends on the severity and number of offenses.

Yikes! A few "ooohhh" and "ahhhh" moments aren't worth those chunks of change, don't you agree?

The silver lining to this ordinance change is, we will no longer have to see people all over the Nextdoor app or social media posting panicked messages about hearing gunshots when they are really just fireworks...and now my dogs won't hide in fear either.

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