An Iraq War Veteran recently got kicked out of a Rockford store for having a service dog, and he has had enough. The video he shared enraged me, and I'm sure it will upset you too.

Cesar Ordonez is a disabled Iraq War Veteran who told WREX  that  Angel, his service dog, literally "saved his life". Sadly, this experience he  shared on Facebook is not the first that Ordonez has had to experience in regards to his service dog. It happens so often that he decided he had to share this story to raise awareness and make the discrimination stop.

I have so many words after watching that video, but most are not appropriate to say in public, so instead I shall say; shame on you, Broadway Food & Liquor!!!

13 WREX contacted Broadway Food & Liquor upon hearing about Ordonez's story. When asked why Ordonez and Angel were kicked out of the store an employee replied; " he didn't have a card with him for his service dog". Guess what buddy?  He doesn't need one, and that is why Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is now investigating the incident.  The Broadway Food and Liquor employee also said "the dog was big and scary looking". Seriously?!?

Cesar Ordonez, I am sorry things like this happen to you and your sweet Angel. Please know that I, and countless others, are so appreciative for your service and sacrifices made. I also thank you for sharing your story, and I hope all Rockford area businesses take note so you never experience something like this again.





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