Countless Facebook fan pages are aiming to "stick it to" traditional media by covering news their way. There are a few problems with that.

  1. The news isn't also factual.
  2. Some of their "breaking news" is lacking information because it's simply too early for the complete story.
  3. Most press releases aren't sent to third-party websites or blogs, they're sent to television and radio stations. This is because, despite opinions, radio and tv reach a much larger audience, especially radio.
  4. They aren't accredited journalists, reporters, or media.


While technically true, anyone can start a blog, website, fan page, podcast, etc., that does not make them a professional or mean they understand how news and information work. I can sing into a microphone and toss it online but it doesn't make me a professional singer.

Joking aside, there's been a hot topic Facebook account and website involving Rockford for several years that may provide useful information from time to time but oftentimes sparks controversy. Sometimes it appears as though there is a direct effort to stir the pot, which turns off some users. The account I am talking about is not an accredited news and information site, nor is it recognized by local officials, police and fire departments, etc. It's more like a hobby that pays.


There's a new Rockford-related fan page that launched this week on Facebook which is already gaining a lot of followers, it's Rockford Spammer.

The creator cites incidences on Facebook in which some fans of a similarly titled Facebook page are blasted for objecting to "news stories", noting photos that were allegedly stolen, and other negative feedback.

I will gladly take anything newsworthy as a source, and you will be credited for it. YOU WILL NOT SEE WATERMARKS ON ANY PHOTOS. I will be sharing at lot from credible and official sources from around the area.


Those who know the creator tells me he is a stand-up guy, very nice, and loves the Rockford area.

You can view Rockford Spammer here.

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