Local photographer, Mindy Joy went and asked Rockford residents one question.

"What is the best part of your day?"

The project is part of the "Our City Our Story: Daylight Hours" series.

It's such a great idea. The thought of such a simple question that elicits a real and positive response is what really drew me to the project.

Take a look through the pictures, there might be someone you know in one of them.

The idea behind the project for Mindy was to focus on the positive. Mindy also says "every response I photographed was unique, heartfelt, and authentic."

Mindy Joy Photography

Mindy also says "A lot comes out in handwriting and personal presentation. My only directive was that I wanted to ask was the best part of their day was in order to gear towards positivity."

MIndy Joy Photography

Mindy goes on to say "the aim of the Daylight Hours is to establish a dialogue with the subject."

Mindy Joy Photography

Whether it's "bare ankles" or "making a difference" it doesn't really matter. What does matter, is that you are focusing on the positive not the negative.

Mindy Joy Photography

The best part of my day? Seeing these pictures and sharing this story with you!