Undoubtedly over the course of your life, you or someone you know has participated in some type of 5k. Many of them are for great causes or events but if you're like me, the idea of waking up early on a weekend just to go walk or run for a little more than 3 miles just seems tiresome. I have a cousin who has completed enough of these 5k's for me and half of Rockford. Well there's a way we can give back and not have to run so far.

The Downtown Dawdler Dash was this weekend in downtown Rockford and it's a spoof on the traditional 5k but with all the same benefits for helping out. See the Dawdler Dash is a .5 k race. POINT 5 k. That's less that 600 yards. Now you're talking my speed! I probably walk farther to and from the kitchen throughout the day getting snacks.

All the money raised is going to Rockford's YouthBuild Program that helps disadvantage students earn their high school diplomas and learn some construction skills according to WTVO. Not only are you getting a little fresh air but you're also helping set up future generations for only 546 yards.

I for one am all for the .5 k races and might have to find one to participate in the next time around.

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